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• How to Test a 2-way IR Remote
Testing a bidet seat remote is the same as testing a TV remote. Please note that the CleanSense remote has two lights, one at each end of the bar on top. All other remote controls have one light. Make absolutely sure the batteries are good and fit in snugly, as this is the cause for 95% of remote failures.

• How to Test Bidet Seat Remote Control Functions Without Sitting on the Seat (remote models)
You can check the functions of most bidet seats sold today without actually sitting on the bidet. This is very helpful for troubleshooting. It’s also useful for introducing the bidet functions to new users.

When testing, make sure there is not any direct sunlight or any florescent bulbs, as they can interfere with the signals. If necessary, turn off the bathroom lights when testing. The remote must be pointing straight up toward the ceiling or directly towards the bidet seat. Bidet seats will not work if the remote is pointing in a another direction.

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